Pitt display calls 'be a man' example of 'toxic masculinity'

Matthew Adimando
New Jersey Campus Correspondent

  • A Resident Advisor at the University of Pittsburgh recently put up a display warning students about "toxic masculinity" and the "social reproduction of patriarchy."
  • The bulletin board display also claimed that masculinity contributes to a variety of mental health issues, and featured a "Male Protaganist Bingo" card with squares for things like "killing spree," "white," and "bald/crew cut."
  • A display recently surfaced at the University of Pittsburgh that labeled a “male protagonist” as making “a living being violent,” being “white,” and owning “lots of guns.” 

    According to pictures of the display obtained by Campus Reform, one of the posters featured presented a flowchart of behaviors that perpetuate “hegemonic masculinity,” including “gendered socialisation,” “power inequality,” “social/health inequality,” “social reproduction of patriarchy,” and “patriarchal society.”

    Another poster, titled “Stereotyped Gendered Behaviors,” portrayed a picture of a male next to the term “masculinity,” as well as a picture of a female next to the term “femininity” with a line dividing the two labeled “neutral androgeny [sic].”

    The display also included a guide to “toxic masculinity,” with actions associated with the term listed as “emasculation,” “suppressed emotions,” “be a man,” “violence,” and “never a victim.”

    Diverting from the topic of “toxic masculinity” and “gendered stereotypes,” a different poster warns about the dangers that men deal with compared to their female counterparts. 

    According to the poster, men are “2x as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD,”  while “1/5th [of] men will develop alcohol dependence,” and are “4x more likely than girls to be diagnosed with autism.”

    A final poster features “Male Protagonist Bingo,” listing characteristics of male protagonists, such as “killing spree,” “white,” “makes a living being violent,” “bald/crew cut,” and finally “guns. Lots of guns.”

    Campus Reform reached out to the Resident Advisor responsible for the display, but did not receive a comment in time for publication.

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    Matthew Adimando

    Matthew Adimando

    New Jersey Campus Correspondent
    Matt Adimando is a New Jersey Campus Correspondent, and reports liberal bias and abuse on campus for Campus Reform. He studies at The College of New Jersey, where he studies political science and is a contributor to The Lone Conservative.
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