Student gets death threats for publicizing liberal tweets

  • Daniel Mael, a student at Brandeis University and a reporter for Truth Revolt, is receiving threats after reporting on hateful tweets by a student leader.
  • He reported on tweets from Khadijah Lynch, a student leader at the university, who said she had "no sympathy" for two recently murdered NYPD officers.

Apparently, reporting on public comments by a student leader can be “cyber stalking” and “libel” at Brandeis University.

Truth Revolt reporter and Brandeis University student Daniel Mael publicized tweets by Khadijah Lynch, a student leader, who said that she had “no sympathy” for NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, who were brutally murdered earlier this month.

"This is Libel [sic]. This is Defamation of Character [sic]. This is Cyber bullying [sic]."   

"[I] have no sympathy for the nypd officers who were murdered today,” tweeted Khadijah Lynch on December 20th, the day the two NYPD police officers, were murdered execution- style in Brooklyn.

“lmao, [sic] all i [sic] just really dont [sic] have sympathy for the cops who were shot. i [sic] hate this racist fucking country," Lynch continued.

Lynch, who previously served as Undergraduate Department Representative for the African and Afro-American Studies Department at Brandeis, began to receive criticism after Mael’s reporting.

Two days later, after Lynch’s tweets went viral, leftist Brandeis students attacked Mael, accusing him of racism. A member of the Student Conduct Board emailed the university’s president and senior administrators, accusing Mael of “stalking” and “targeting” Lynch, and demanded the university hold Mael “accountable.”

Mael even received death threats.

A petition began and accused Mael’s report of being libelous and cyber-bullying the cop-hating Lynch.

“This is Libel [sic]. This is Defamation of Character [sic]. This is Cyber bullying [sic]. This should not be condoned. It is clear, [sic] that the intentions of the author were not to spurt [sic] a healthy conversation welcoming all sides, but rather to publicly defame Khadijah,” the petition says.

As of publication, the petition has amassed over 1,200 signatures. A counter- petition calling for the university to ensure Mael's safety and free speech rights has gathered over 2,000 signatures.

In a statement to Campus Reform, Daniel Mael said he is deeply saddened by the response of many of his peers. “Khadijah is free to express her opinions just as I am free to report on them. The inciteful language is disturbing and I hope Brandeis takes every precaution necessary.”

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