Boa constrictor escapes from college lab

  • Castleton State is missing a four foot-long Brazilian rainbow boa constrictor.
  • College officials believe the snake was stolen.
  • The snake is reportedly not dangerous as it was trained to eat only frozen mice.

Most people lose something throughout the day like car keys or their cell phone, but students at Castleton State College lost something much larger: a four foot-long Brazilian rainbow boa constrictor. 

The snake was kept in the college’s zoology lab and was last seen Friday. The building was locked for the weekend and on Monday for a snow day, but the snake was nowhere to found when students returned on Tuesday. 

College officials believe the snake was stolen since the cage had a weighted lid and the door was locked. 

The snake is said not to be dangerous because it has been trained to only eat frozen mice. College officials sent out a campus-wide email instructing students to keep an eye out for the large creature. 

Via Associated Press.

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