VIDEO: Students at Iowa State don't know what women's suffrage is

  • Turning Points USA visited Iowa State University to ask women to sign a petition to end women's suffrage.
  • The video was recorded primarily using a hidden camera.

Jake Dagel, Iowa field coordinator for Turning Point USA, asked students at Iowa State University to sign a petition requesting their university and state to end women’s suffrage.

Overall, students supported the petition, but only because they were unaware of the true definition of women’s suffrage—that is, a woman’s right to vote.

“We’re talking about this in literally all my classes,” one female student said as she signed the petition.

“Yeah, I feel like I should do this,” a male student said. “I’ll have to tell my professor about this.”

Students continued to sign the petition until one female student caught on and informed her friends.

“It’s a trick,” she said. “The right to vote is what suffrage is.”

This student said she felt people had thoughts and beliefs about particular topics, even if they were not the most informed on those subjects.

“I feel like people should be more educated,” she said.

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Diana Stancy
Diana Stancy | Breaking News Reporter for the Washington Examiner

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