Conservative student flees radical climate at Evergreen State

  • Following a series of radical protests on campus that forced one professor to flee for his safety and culminated in students holding the school's president hostage, at least one conservative student is leaving the school for good.
  • In a letter to Professor Bret Weinstein, whose email sparked the recent uproar, the student explains that they are fed up with the use of "identity politics" to "silence dissenting opinions" on campus.

A self-identified “conservative-libertarian” Evergreen State College student has elected to leave the school due to the recent campus unrest that shoved the school into the national spotlight.

According to an email obtained by Campus Reform through an open records request, a student (whose name has been kept anonymous) wrote to Professor Bret Weinstein to thank him for his bravery in voicing his opinion on the school’s annual tradition of a “Day of Absence,” previously reported by Campus Reform.

"I find the use of identity a way to shut down discussion [and] silence dissenting opinions."   

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“Dear Bret, Thank you. Thank you for standing up to the ridiculousness of this student protest. Thank you for being brave and voicing your opinion on the matter, as well as many other students,” the student wrote, noting that they had become fed up with the “use of identity politics” on campus.

“As a first year student on this campus with conservative-libertarian values, I find the use of identity politics by many people on this campus as a way to shut down discussion, silence dissenting opinions, and bully students into silence,” the student went on to write, saying they believe “all people are individuals” and should be judged “on that alone.”

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“I don’t know if you share those views but that is what you are standing up for in my eyes,” he added, noting that they would not be returning to the school in the fall because recent events had made clear that conservative viewpoints are not welcome.

“Because of the climate on this campus, as well as the rhetoric that I hear on a day to day basis, I will not be returning next year,” the student wrote. “I will probably never meet you but I wanted to express my thanks for trying to show that not everything is black and white, not everything on the left is good and the right is bad, and that free speech is what makes this country so great.”

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The student concluded the message by applauding Weinstein’s “bravery,” saying that if he were to be fired, the student hopes he would be able to “find work at an institution that favors academic integrity over feelings.”

Campus Reform has not been able to establish contact with the student to request updates on the situation.

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