Stanford University: Masks required, clothes optional

An email sent to students ahead of a “naked run” tradition told students that masks were required, but clothes were not.

Stanford still has strict COVID regulations despite 95% vaccination rate

Stanford University’s “Naked Run” is part of a centuries old tradition, but this year, they will not be fully in the nude. The university has asked that the streakers wear masks, even multiple, to complement their birthday suit.

The “Naked Run” is an old tradition that occurs as part of an annual pep rally hosted by the university’s Ram’s Head Theatrical Society

A column in The Stanford Review calls the pep rally a “flamboyant, often shocking musical theater event written by students and performed the week before the ‘Big Game’ of football against Cal Berkeley.” 

The Stanford Review reports that ahead of this year’s event, students received an email from one of the show’s producers informing them that masks are mandatory, and that they could wear as little clothes as they want, keeping in mind that is a “naked run.”

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“[Wear] whatever makes your [sic] comfortable: whether you’re going full out or leaving a bit of room for imagination (bras and underwear), but keep in mind tis [sic] naked run, so…” the email reportedly read. “You’re required to wear a face mask that covers both your nose and your mouth. You can wear more aesthetic masks on top of it.”

Although Stanford has a 95% vaccination rate, the university is still enforcing strict COVID-19 regulations. 

In fact, the current policy requires all students, faculty and staff to receive mandatory testing at least once a week, sometimes more, depending on vaccination status and other factors. 

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The university still requires students, faculty, and staff to always wear masks indoors, even if vaccinated. Stanford is also requiring all students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated and upload proof of vaccination by the beginning of 2022.

Stanford University did not respond to requests for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.