Over 10 people decline invite to speak at Harvard Class Day

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently took a shot at Harvard saying it 'used to be a great place to go to school.'

Harvard College is struggling to find a speaker for its annual Class Day as more than 10 people have declined invitations to speak at the event.

According to the Harvard Crimson, the Harvard Alumni Association has contacted more than 10 people for the event set to take place in less than two weeks, but no one has accepted the invite.

Senior Class First Marshal Fez S. Zafar said that potential speakers don’t want to be associated with Harvard given the various controversies in the past year, ranging from Claudine Gay’s resignation to an anti-Israel encampment that ended on Tuesday.

“What was explained to us was that obviously this year is probably a rougher year for someone to affiliate themselves with Harvard, especially if they don’t have an existing connection,” said Zafar.

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A Harvard College spokesperson also said recent controversies have had an impact on those who have declined invitations to speak, but said that the Harvard Alumni Association isn’t having a hard time finding a speaker.

“Class Day provides a wonderful opportunity to recognize our graduating seniors and to express gratitude for their contributions to Harvard and to all of the families, alumni, faculty, and staff who supported their success,” the Harvard spokesperson wrote. “We look forward to this year’s celebration.”

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During Duke University’s graduation ceremony Sunday, Comedian Jerry Seinfeld took a shot at Harvard University.

”So on my staff in the 90s, we had a lot of Harvard guys, they were fantastic. But I could never understand why these guys were so embarrassed about being from Harvard, they would never talk about it. They would never mention it,” said Seinfeld. “I’m not talking about Harvard now. I’m talking about the way it used to be. You’re never going to believe this, Harvard used to be a great place to go to school. Now it’s Duke.”