5 craziest campus leftist arrests of 2019

Incidents included assault, battery, theft, and trespassing.

Campus Reform rounded up the five craziest leftist arrests of 2019.

While conservatives would argue campus life is difficult for them, some campus leftists also had a rough go of it this year...after they allegedly broke the law, that is. 

As part of Campus Reform’s ongoing series,  2019: Campus Stories in Review, we’ll run down the list of the five craziest leftist arrests this year 

From physical violence to theft, this crime report feels more like an episode of Law & Order.

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1.  VIDEO: Conservative suffers blow to the face at Berkeley

While helping conservatives at UC-Berkeley recruit new members to their student group in February, conservative activist Hayden Williams, then an employee of Campus Reform’s parent organization the Leadership Institute, suffered a blow to the face by Zachary Greenberg, who was later arrested and charged with multiple felonies. 

Charges against Greenberg, whose criminal trial is ongoing, according to court records, included assault, battery with serious bodily injury, making a criminal threat, and vandalism. The next court date is a pre-trial hearing and is scheduled for January 7, 2020. 

2. Five arrested, one charged at Ann Coulter speaking event

During an Ann Coulter event on the campus of UC-Berkeley, five protesters were arrestedwhen demonstrations turned violent. 

Of the five, one was charged with battery on a police officer and violating an exclusion order while the other four were cited and released on the scene. 

One arrested and cited student took to the internet, complaining about “white supremacy, bureaucracy, racism, police brutality, and violence against minorities and womxn.”

3. Student arrested for attacking conservative activist

A UC-Davis student found himself in hot water after a confrontation with conservative activist and speaker Gabriel Nadales, who is also an employee of Campus Reform’s parent organization, the Leadership Institute. 

In an exclusive Campus Reform video, the student is seen taking items from a tabling event and mocking Nadales in a confrontation that then escalates to physical violence. 

UC-Davis police confirmed to Campus Reform that the student was issued a citation for battery as a result of a citizen’s arrest by Nadales. 

4. Four arrested after student’s MAGA hat is allegedly stolen

Leftists at Texas State University found a conservative student’s MAGA hat offensive and knocked it off during a protest event.

The student, Tyler M., quickly reported the incident to police, who swiftly arrested the perpetrator. In total, four leftist students were arrested that day “on various charges.”

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5. Professor arrested after taking part in climate protest

BU earth and environment professor Nathan Phillips was charged with trespassing after refusing to move when police asked him to stop blocking an escalator into the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Phillips and other protesters blocked an escalator while waving signs. Phillips stood on the escalator with a sign that read, “Time to Escalate.” 

In an interview with Campus Reform, Phillips said of his interactions with police, “they were doing their job. And they have a job to do. And I was breaking the law. They asked me to comply with them, and I declined. I told them very clearly that ‘I’m choosing to remain here, and I’m not going to move until you tell me that I’m going to be arrested, but then I won’t resist arrest.’”

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