5 times campus leftists gunned for the Second Amendment in 2020

The Second Amendment grants Americans the right to bear arms.

On campus, however, that right is often not recognized.

Here are five examples.

Fordham University

The Department of Education launched an investigation into Fordham University after it barred Austin Tong — a student who posted a picture on social media of him holding a firearm — from campus. 

Tong, a Chinese-American, captioned the image “Don’t tread on me #198964” and emojis of the American flag as well as the Chinese flag in commemoration of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

The Department of Education also recently launched a separate investigation into Fordham to determine whether the university failed to disclose foreign funding sources, including gifts from China.

Campus Reform spoke with Tong about his experience. Watch the full interview here

Brandeis University

Brandeis music professor Eric Chasalow composed a song about the gun debate, stating that he “wrote the song out of a deep sense of frustration and exhaustion” and that “gun rights and white supremacy are intertwined.”

“The deeply entrenched, well-financed gun-rights movement is, at its core, a fear-driven, reactionary institution for maintaining our racist and classist power-structure,” he alleged.

“Every gun just calling for another,” goes the song. “It’s your right to murder one another.”

American University

Professor Allan Lichtman of American University published a book, entitled, Repeal the Second Amendment: The Case for a Safer America. Lichtman’s book acknowledges gun violence in America and asserts that “the real problem is that which gun control advocates fear to name: the Second Amendment.” 

“Repeal of the Second Amendment is not only right, but realistic,” wrote Lichtman, who also claimed that the “NRA hijacked the Second Amendment.” 

Lichtman also wrote The Case for Impeachment, which laid out Lichtman’s arguments for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. 

University of Arizona

University of Arizona professor Terrence Hill published a study, entitled, “Happiness is a warm gun?” which concluded that “gun ownership is unrelated to happiness.”  

“Public health research has shown that guns are associated with thousands of preventable injuries and premature deaths, and the health care costs of those injuries and deaths can reach into the billions,” wrote Hill. “Nobody questions that anymore… the question really is: Do guns make our personal lives better.” 

Students Demand Action

Students Demand Action — a pro-gun control group associated with former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg — pushed an online effort to register 100,000 young people to vote.

“Arizona has a proud history of supporting individual liberty and that includes Second Amendment rights,” University of Arizona student Mark Jennings told Campus Reform. He expressed doubt that Democrats would drive turnout by promising to take guns away from law-abiding Arizonans.

The group spent $1.5 million on the initiative.

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