5 times campuses ruined holidays in 2021

With 2021 coming to an end, Campus Reform has compiled a list of the top five instances of colleges and universities ruining holidays.

Woke and leftist ideologies often target traditions and celebrations around holidays, particularly those that pertain to Christianity and American identity. 

With 2021 coming to an end, Campus Reform has compiled a list of the top five instances of colleges and universities ruining holidays on campus.

1. Colleges celebrate Valentine’s Day with ‘Sex in the Dark’

Multiple colleges hosted a question and answer “Sex in the Dark,” a virtual Q&A event with health experts, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

 “I think this is disgusting,” Boston University College Republicans President Jon Lizak told Campus Reform. “I’m very skeptical about the intentions behind this and I don’t think that it is truly about safety and sexual health.”

Graduate students at the Massachusetts university had released a 16-page guide detailing how other colleges can host their own event. 

The schools that hosted “Sex in the Dark” in 2021 were: North Carolina A&T State University, Towson University, Binghamton University, Boston University, and Vanderbilt University.

2. ’Time to stomp some eggs’: UNT students threaten to ransack Bible verse Easter egg hunt

The Young Conservatives of Texas chapter hid hundreds of Easter eggs stuffed with Bible verses at University of North Texas. That prompted students to write on social media that they wanted to ruin the event. 

One post read, “Alright guys whoever finds and throws the most away wins a prize”. 

Students at UNT also destroyed a pro-life memorial in fall 2020.

3.  Yale students try to cancel classmate who sent edgy Constitution Day email

A Yale Law School student sent an email inviting classmates to celebrate Constitution Day with the the school’s Federalist Society chapter. 

In leaked audio from a meeting with Yale Law School associate dean Ellen Cosgrove and diversity director Yaseen Eldik, Colbert is told that his affiliation with the Federalist Society was “very triggering” for students who “already feel” that the conservative group is “oppressive to certain communities.”

4. With Halloween near, diversity office promotes ‘My Culture is Not a Costume’ messaging

Western Carolina University’s Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity Programs handed out cards to students telling them to “think before you dress up” and “culture is not a costume.” 

“This campaign is by no means a good use of student fees,” one WCU student told Campus Reform

5. ’A celebration of the ongoing genocide’: Workshop suggests ‘reparations,’ ‘National Day of Mourning’ to ‘decolonize’ Thanksgiving

University of Oregon hosted a virtual workshop with two alumni explaining how Americans can “continue to show gratitude while raising our critical consciousness and identifying ways to decolonize the holiday.” 

Participants expressed support for reparations to Native Americans on Thanksgiving as an alternative activity that day.