5 times college leftists compared Trump and his supporters to Hitler in 2020

Campus Reform reported on several instances of professors and other campus leftists comparing President Donald Trump and his supporters to Hitler and the Nazis.

Here are the five most egregious examples from this past year.

1. Princeton University

A creative writing lecturer at Princeton University invoked German complicity in the Holocaust while discussing Republicans’ alleged response to COVID-19.  

In response to a tweet about the COVID-19 death toll, Joyce Carol Oates said that “for many pro-T***p Americans, the pandemic is like the Holocaust to many Germans: they knew what was happening but adjusted to living with it in indifference or, in some cases, profiting from it. only if affected personally do people seem to care.”

2. Northwestern University

Stephan Garnett, a journalism professor at Northwestern, compared Black Republicans who support Trump to Jews supporting Hitler.

“What a grand display of buffoonery, almost as entertaining as a minstrel show,” said Garnett in response to the speeches of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and Sen. Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) at the Republican National Convention. 

“In fact, as far as the majority of African-Americans are concerned, it was a minstrel show,” he added. During an interview with Campus Reform, Garnett repeatedly compared Black conservatives to Nazis.

When Campus Reform asked Garnett whether he believes the “threat” posed to Black Americans by Trump rises to the same level as the threat to Jews posed by Hitler during the Holocaust, Garnett responded simply, “Yes.” 

3. University of Alabama

The University of Alabama’s student government hosted an event with a guest speaker who compared Trump to Hitler.

Conservative activist CJ Pearson told Campus Reform that Elliott also “called the President a Nazi,” additionally describing the Trump presidency as “akin to Nazi Germany.”  Elliott also said that Trump slept with Hitler’s “speeches and manuscripts” as he went to bed, Pearson claimed. 

Video of the event also shows the speaker calling Trump a “racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, and ethnocentrist.”

Yale University

Yale psychiatry professor Bandy Lee tweeted that Trump had a “dangerous mental pathology,” additionally stating that “at least Hitler improved the daily life of his followers, had discipline, and required more of himself to gain the respect of his followers.”

Lee soon deleted the tweet after receiving backlash online.

However, she doubled down on her initial tweet in a comment to Campus Reform: “...drawing parallels and making comparisons is what I do as a scholar on violence.  I do it for the purpose of prevention, precisely because the atrocities have been terrible throughout history and can happen again.”

“If we examined closely, Hitler is neither unique nor the worst,” she added. “Donald Trump is more dangerous precisely for the response to my tweet: people are outraged that I may have ‘praised’ Hitler but fail to see the parallels in Trump.”

Santa Barbara City College

Students at Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara, California protested the establishment of a Turning Point USA chapter at the school, comparing the club to Nazi Germany.

“I thought the Nazi comment was pretty far-reaching,” Cainan Iorio, vice president of Turning Point USA at SBCC told Campus Reform. “We started TPUSA at SBCC as a part of our right to free speech and assembly, as well as to educate fellow students about the benefits of free markets, the Constitution, and limited government in an open accepting forum.” 

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