5 times colleges hosted kids on campus to indoctrinate them

The 'Illegal Drag Show' event was hosted by a student-fee-funded campus group.

Colleges and universities have been pushing LGBTQ ideology on their own faculty, staff, and students for years. Now, some are going so far as to spread that ideology to minors as well. 

Campus Reform has compiled a list of 5 times in 2023 that higher education  hosted kids on campus to indoctrinate them. 

1. EXCLUSIVE: Kids subjected to bizarre nude performance at ‘all ages’ Oregon State drag event

Underage children were exposed to adult nudity at a recent drag show at Oregon State University’s Lasells Stewart Center, hosted by the student-fee funded campus LGBTQ group Rainbow Continuum on June 2.  

2. UConn hosts second annual ‘Queer Science Conference’ for high schoolers to ‘celebrate science- and themselves’

On June 4, the University of Connecticut (UConn) celebrated Pride Month by hosting its second annual “Queer Science Conference,” which is offered “to give queer and trans youth role models in various STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math] fields.”

According to an online recap, the one-day event “connected high school students with LGBTQIA+ faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students at UConn who work in STEM disciplines, offering community and mentorship as well as state-of-the-art laboratory experiences and opportunities for hands-on science demonstrations.” 

3. Tulane recruits high schoolers for summer courses in ‘gender equity’

High school students will be studying ‘decolonizing feminisms’ and other gender equity courses at Tulane University’s Newcomb Summer Session this summer.

The Newcomb Summer Session is a pre-college program for high school students. This year’s session provides seven courses on various feminist studies, covering topics such as women’s advocacy and activism, ‘rape culture,’ ‘decolonization of feminism’, and ‘reproductive rights.’

4. University of Evansville set to host summer ‘pride camp’ for minors

The University of Evansville in Indiana is set to run a weeklong “Pride Camp” from Sunday, June 18, to Saturday, June 24, for teenagers ages 13-17.

Teens who attend will “[b]uild lifelong friends with incredible activities throughout the week while learning about social justice and activism” and “[h]ear powerful stories of LGBTQ+ history and heroes – and learn how to write your own story your way.”

5. Harvard event for high schoolers includes ‘Queer Brown Vegan,’ ‘climate storyteller’

Harvard hosted its third annual Youth Summit on Climate, Equity, and Health on August 1, aiming to train high school students on combating climate change.

“Young people care deeply about social justice and climate change,” Harvard stated in a press release for the inaugural summit in 2021. The summits are “designed to channel this energy, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, encourage solution-minded thinking, and give young people a platform to make their communities healthier and more equitable.”