5 times higher ed indoctrination reached young children in 2023

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently partnered with the UCLA Lab School to launch a scholarship fund and project to train students ages 4-12 to be 'young climate leaders.'

While leftist bias and abuse have long been prevalent on college campuses, the ideologies that have taken hold at universities are now infiltrating K-12 education– often via direct actions by academics. 

Campus Reform has compiled a list of some of the most shocking examples of liberal bias in K-12 education across the United States in 2023

1.    Laws requiring climate change content in K-12 education follow push from colleges

While nods to the climate change agenda have been creeping into curricula for years, becoming increasingly commonplace in American K-12 classrooms, some states are now codifying the topic into elementary and high school education through legislative mandate.

New Jersey’s new educational standards, passed in 2020, require climate change content to be integrated into K-12 classrooms– at all grade levels and in seemingly unrelated subjects like physical education and art. New Jersey was the first state to pass such standards, but other states are following suit, as recently highlighted by Edutopia. 

2.   Scholars continue to push trans literature in K-12 education

A recent recommended summer reading guide for K-12 students published by the New York City Public Schools Literacy Collaborative includes several transgenderism-focused titles such as I am Jazz and George.

The book compilation was directed by former Hunter College adjunct lecturer Jason Borges. He is currently the New York City Department of Education’s Executive Director of Literacy and Academic Intervention Services. Borges’ LinkedIn also notes that he was formerly an elementary school ‘teacher/reading specialist.’

3.    MAP: Transgenderism and “Queer Theory” in K-12 schools in all Continental United States

Campus Reform surveyed the entire US and found instances of K-12 public school districts carrying children’s books with messaging about “gender identity,” some including sexually explicit material.

One popular title found in states like Connecticut, Maine, and Michigan is Julian Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love. The book is a story about a boy named Julian who dreams of transitioning into a mermaid after noticing three women dressed up as such—similar to Matt Walsh’s satirical Johnny the Walrus.

4.    Leo DiCaprio teams up with UCLA to train kids as young as 4 to be ‘climate warriors’

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio recently partnered with the UCLA Lab School to launch a scholarship fund and project to train students ages 4-12 to be “young climate leaders.”

“This fund is endowed for perpetual support and will provide assistance that is critical to maintaining the diversity of our student population for generations to come,” read a press release on July 11. “The climate education program will work to inspire the next generation of young climate leaders and educate our youth about how to protect our planet.”

5.    Another university is hosting ‘Pride Camps’ for children this summer

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is running “Pride Camps” for middle and high schoolers in June and July.

Campers are invited by the university to “build community with other LGBTQ+ and allies” their age.