5 times pro-life advocates fought for their beliefs on campus in 2021

Below are five times in 2021 that pro-life advocates overcame adversity on college campuses.

Even at religiously affiliated institutions, pro-life students fight to have their voices heard peacefully. 

Below are five times in 2021 that pro-life advocates overcame adversity on college campuses.

1. VIDEO: ‘I love sacrificing children’: Pro-life rally turns into megaphone battle

At the University of North Texas, a pro-life vigil held by the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter was interrupted by a pro-choice mob. The protestors brought whistles, megaphones, and instruments to drown out the pro-life students. Phrases shouted by the leftists include vulgarity such as “I love sacrificing children”, and “F**k your God”. 

Campus Reform obtained a video of the incident.

2. WATCH: Students destroy pro-life memorial at Pepperdine University

A pro-life display arranged by the Pepperdine College Republicans was vandalized by pro-choice students at the Christian university. 620 crosses were placed on the Freedom Wall to honor the 62 million lives lost to abortion since 1973. Protestors disrupted the display by tearing down the crosses, hanging them upside down, and covering the board with pro-choice slogans such as “My Body, My Choice”, and “No uterus, No Opinion.” 

Other phrases included “God does NOT support the legislation of women’s bodies” and “why not get a vasectomy?”.

In the video obtained by Campus Reform, a student responds to questioning about why they are taking down crosses at a Christian university by stating “I am not a Christian.”

3. Pro-life group forced to cancel event amid backlash...at Catholic university?

The President of Cardinals for Life at Catholic University of America resigned her position after being pressured to cancel an event featuring Abby Johnson by the University Chaplain. 

The student organization had invited Johnson to speak on campus, but the backlash from the College Democrats and a petition to disinvite the speaker led to the administration telling the group they were in a lose-lose situation. 

The event was held on campus, but was hosted by the College Republicans, instead.

4. Students at Catholic Georgetown feel ‘unsafe’ by pro-life speakers in optional, virtual event

Students at Georgetown University petition the school administration to formally issue a statement condemning the speakers of a virtual pro-life conference. 

The Cardinal O’Connor Conference of Life is an annual pro-life conference featuring numerous speakers and panelists to discuss the abortion topic. This year, the event was held virtually and was optional for students to attend.

Speakers in the 2021 event included Dr. Alveda King, Valerie Huber, and Sister Deirdre “DeDe” Byrne for their pro-life positions and support of former President Donald Trump. 

5. Yet another leftist tried to silence pro-life students on campus

A student at Iowa State University turned himself in to the police after vandalizing a pro-life student display and hitting a member of the group with the sign. The student had been trying to break the sign to throw in the trash but hit a student in the shoulder in the process. 

Rather than press charges, students of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter requested an apology for the destruction.