$5k summer program will teach high schoolers how 'power plays a role in the ethics of sex'

Smith College is offering a 'Women, Gender, and Representation' summer program for students in grades 9-12 to learn more about areas like 'sexual health and rights.'

Enrollees will take courses like 'Making Your Sexual Ethics,' 'The Art of Reproduction,' and 'Reproductive Justice and Post-Roe Worldmaking.'

A women’s liberal arts college located in Northampton, Massachusetts is offering a program that will teach high schoolers intersectional ideology on issues related to gender and sexuality.

Smith College provides a “Women, Gender, and Representation” summer program for students in grades 9-12 to learn more about “sexual health and rights, queer and trans lives, race and ethnic studies, gender in music and literature, gender minority histories, and practices of inclusive social change.”

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Enrollees will be able to study subjects like “women’s histories; queer histories; sexual health and reproductive justice; [and] gender in social spaces of athletics.”

From July 21-Aug. 3, students can enroll in “precollege” courses like “The Art of Reproduction: In the Streets, in the Galleries, and More,” “Making Your Sexual Ethics,” “#wholesome: Queer Living and Trans Representation,” “Rest as Resistance: Black Feminism and Radical Interiority,” and “Reproductive Justice and Post-Roe Worldmaking.”

In “Making Your Sexual Ethics,” course instructors will provide high schoolers the opportunity to “practice viewing their own identities through an intersectional lens to explore the ways that power plays a role in the ethics of sex.” A final project will also assist students in developing their “own set of personal sexual ethics.” 

Another course, “Play Like a Girl: Gender in Sport,” is intended to instruct program attendees on “patterns of inclusion and exclusion in sport with particular attention to women of color and gender-nonconforming athletes, and the social construction of gender, race, and sexuality in sport.”

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Listed program instructors include “critical feminist scholar” Anna Baeth, and Alyssa Bossenger, whose interests include “the ways that sexuality can be a tool either for upholding intersecting systems of power like race, gender, and class or for resisting those same systems.” 

The program costs a tuition payment of $4,745, in addition to a $950 deposit and $50 application fee.

Campus Reform has regularly covered instances of colleges teaching leftist ideology to high school students. In August 2023, Campus Reform reported that Harvard University held an event for 85 high schoolers to learn about “social justice and climate change.”

Campus Reform contacted Smith College for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.