Conservative Berkeley student stalked, threatened by Antifa

A conservative student at the University of California, Berkeley says that she was targeted and stalked during an Antifa march that left several people injured this weekend.

Video footage reviewed by Campus Reform appears to show Antifa members stalking Ashton Whitty, a prominent conservative student at the university and Campus Reform Campus Correspondent, as she was being interviewed by the American Freedom Keepers.

After allegedly stalking Whitty and her companions by a gas station, the activists began approaching the group in an aggressive manner while ordering them to “get the f*** out!”

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“We are hungry for supremacists. We are real hungry for supremacists and there is more of us,” one of the individuals told the cameraman.

As Whitty and the American Freedom Keepers were leaving the scene, the group of activists started hitting their vehicles, reportedly causing damage to the automobiles.

Whitty told Campus Reform that the incident was not a random act of violence and that she is likely being targeted by the activists because of her association with the Berkeley College Republicans.

“I also knew that organizations like BAMN [By Any Means Necessary] and Antifa—they have pictures of me, they know who I am, and if they found me I was screwed,” she said.

In order to attend a free speech rally on Sunday, Whitty said that she had to organize a security apparatus that would extract her from the event if her safety was jeopardized during the Antifa counter-protest.

“From what I could tell there was no violence whatsoever from the right…But what got really bad was Antifa—they started getting bigger and bigger and bigger on the outside,” she continued. “They started pushing through cops, they cut holes in the barriers and drained the water from the barriers so that they can lift the barriers and get through.”

Conversely, she added, “I just showed up holding a sign that says ‘let’s have a conversation.’”

Whitty also noted that days prior to the Antifa and BAMN march, undercover audio captured one activist organizer allegedly promising that “Barbie is going to get it on Sunday.”

“I was the only blonde girl in the entire [Republican] group; I was the only girl in general. So I can only assume it's me,” she told the American Freedom Keepers.

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In her interview with Campus Reform, Whitty admitted that being a conservative in Berkeley can now seriously jeopardize a student’s safety, and lead to a real threat of violence.

“This entire day made me realize how dangerous it is to be conservative in Berkeley. Because the reality is, it's not about just Antifa or BAMN nesting with us or taking pictures of us to mess with us…its no longer a game for them,” she said.

“If you are publically conservative, they will dox you, they will take pictures of you on campus. They will know who you are. If they find you, and have the chance to, they will probably kill you.”

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