EXCLUSIVE: Conservative activists issued 2-year ban from public campus

Two conservative activists were charged with trespassing at North Carolina A&T University.

The charge bans the activists from campus for two years.

Two conservative activists were banned from a public campus in North Carolina on Nov. 9 for being a “campus nuisance,” documents by Campus Reform show.

Evan Frost, a Leadership Institute Field Representative, and a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) Crown Territory Field Representative were given a second-degree trespassing order after attempting to recruit at North Carolina A&T State University (NCATSU), which is a public campus.

The Leadership Institute is the parent organization of Campus Reform. 

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“As a non-university member, you are hereby ordered to immediately leave and not return to the property of North Carolina A&T State University for a period of 24 months,” the order, obtained by Campus Reform, read. 

Violating the order could result in the pair’s arrest, the order continued.

Campus Reform obtained a video of the encounter in which an unidentified staff member, who was allegedly off-duty, told Frost that the trespassing order was issued because they did not have permission to be on campus.

“We don’t have permission from anybody that you can be over here doing whatever you’re doing,” she said. 

When asked why they couldn’t be on the public campus, she then told Frost to “save [himself] and go ahead and grab your stuff and leave.”

Frost told Campus Reform that the pair were trying to start a conservative group on campus, and that the police were called after a number of allegedly left-wing students rallied around the table. 

Many students came to the table to disagree with TPUSA’s stances, which according to its website, promote free markets and limited government, other students were bystanders listening to the discussions.

“We definitely started to draw a crowd of people trying to argue with us,” Frost recounted.

He explained that he was asked numerous times why the pair chose the Greensboro campus to visit.

“It’s a public campus with free speech… why not A&T?,” he said. “There’s nothing special about the school. I shouldn’t be treated differently than [at] any other school in North Carolina.”

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Frost said that many of the conversations prior to the officer’s arrival centered around the “modern state of the country.” 

Campus Reform contacted the university police department to question why he was detained and the university to clarify which policy the activists violated. This article will be updated accordingly.