POLL: Texas college grads favor concealed carry at higher rates than those who never attended college

College graduates in Texas are more likely to support allowing concealed carry on university campuses than individuals without a degree, revealed a poll published by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune last week.

“Carrying concealed weapons on campus is more popular with Texas voters who attended college than those who haven’t,” said an article in the Tribune summarizing their findings.

The poll indicated that 48 percent of individuals who attended a four-year university support concealed carry versus 40 percent of high school graduates.

The strength of support, however, dropped a few points among individuals who did postgraduate work. Only 42 percent of these individuals favored concealed carry on campus.

The Tribune also said that “allowing faculty, staff and students to carry concealed handguns on college campuses is supported by 46 percent of Texas voters and opposed by 48 percent.”

“The most strongly held opinions are on the negative side, with 34 percent strongly opposing campus carry and 26 percent strongly supporting it,” the Tribune added.

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