VIDEO: Harvard students claim America is a bigger threat to peace than ISIS

Students at Harvard University claimed America is a bigger threat to world peace than the radical terrorist organization ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) during a series of interviews at the prestigious Cambridge university.

“American imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the Middle East are destabilizing the region and allowing groups like ISIS to gain power,” said one student.

“As a western civilization we’re to blame for a lot of the problems that we’re facing now,” one student said. “I don't think anyone would argue that we didn't create the problem of ISIS, ourselves.”

Watch the video here:

“We are, at some level, the cause of it,” said another student.

According to CNN, ISIS began as an al-Qaeda splinter group that rules in accordance with Sharia law. The radical Islamic group gained worldwide notoriety for its public executions of journalists, crucifixions, bombings, and beheadings.

ISIS announced the creation of an Islamic state (caliphate) this past summer and proceeded to remove all state borders as part of seizing authority over the world’s estimated 1.5 billion Muslims.

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