WATCH: Thomas Sowell warns of 'organized' push for progressive education in America

In a recent interview, Thomas Sowell discussed the dangers of creeping tyranny and the erosion of freedom in America.

In a recent interview with Mark Levin on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Thomas Sowell, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, discussed the dangers of creeping tyranny and the erosion of freedom in America. Sowell, who has been a leader in the liberty movement for over half a century, warned that the country is on the precipice of losing its freedom.

Sowell began by discussing his transformation from a young Marxist to a staunch critic of social justice ideologies. He emphasized that his change in perspective came from years of studying and observing facts, which led him to realize that the promises of social justice often result in disastrous outcomes. “It’s only after you study history that you find out just how bad it actually turned out,” Sowell said.

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The conversation then shifted to the concept of social justice itself, which Sowell criticized as a nebulous term often used to justify centralized government and wealth redistribution. He pointed out that the intellectual elites who push for social justice are essentially trying to preempt the decisions of other people in every aspect of their lives.

Sowell also touched on the issue of sex education in schools, questioning the qualifications of those pushing such curricula. He noted that the push for controversial educational topics became more visible during the COVID-19 pandemic, when parents could see what was being taught to their children. “This is not a spontaneous thing. There’s an organized effort,” he said.

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Discussing the current state of American media and academia, Sowell lamented the silencing of opposing views and the rise of propaganda. “The real danger is not in the silly ideas that are being promoted. It’s in the fact that nobody else is allowed to reply to them without some danger to themselves,” he warned.

The interview concluded with Sowell expressing concern about the increasing powers of government institutions like the Federal Reserve, which were initially set up for specific purposes but have since been used to force people into compliance. “Once they have that power, they can use it for whatever they want,” Sowell cautioned.