WATCH: Women fighting for 'their own space' as men infiltrate sororities

In a recent TV interview, Campus Reform’s Emily Fowler suggested that instead of housing men-turned-women in female dorms, colleges have unique spaces for men, women, and trans people.

During her recent appearance on America’s Voice Live, Campus Reform Correspondent Emily Fowler commented that the Chi Omega sorority national office made the right decision in June when it expelled a “nonbinary” man from its St. Lawrence University chapter.

“[Chi Omega] made the right call regarding the situation,” Fowler said. “So many people think that womanhood is just a badge or costume that men can put on whenever they want.”

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“The most important thing is that this is unsafe,” she said, referencing a similar situation at the University of Wyoming, in which members of the Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter have filed a lawsuit against the sorority. The women claim their transgender sorority “sister” displays unsettling behavior, like quiet staring while towel-clad women return from the showers.

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“These universities should be standing up for women and saying this is not okay,” Fowler said. “Let’s keep women’s spaces for women.”

“I think the solution is simple: Women deserve their own spaces. … Let’s keep women in their space, trans people in the spaces provided for them, and men in their spaces.”