Abortion supporters petition to suspend pro-life student organization for anti-abortion posters

The pro-life posters, which stated that 'Humans Deserve Human Rights,' likened abortion to 'slavery,' 'Jim Crow Laws & Segregation,' 'Sex-trafficking,' and 'Women’s Inequality.'

Chapter president Ken Meekinds told Campus Reform the group will take legal action if necessary.

Pro-abortion students at George Mason University (GMU) are petitioning to suspend the university’s Students for Life (SFL) chapter in response to the group’s anti-abortion posters that liken abortion to slavery and civil rights issues.

“We demand that SFL be suspended and Mason releases a statement to the student body until they can accept accountability and carry out their protests appropriately in a way that will not harm any demographic on campus,” the petition states.

The pro-life posters, which stated that “Humans Deserve Human Rights,” likened abortion to “slavery,” “Jim Crow Laws & Segregation,” “Sex-trafficking,” and “Women’s Inequality.”

One poster featured a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., which read, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The petition is also in response to a September 7 SFL at GMU activism event, which alleged that “Abortion Is Not a Right.” The event drew a crowd of counter-protesters who reportedly handed out coat hangers to passing students.

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The Black Student Alliance and The Black African Heritage and Caribbean Coalition at GMU (BLACC) issued immediate responses condemning the posters.

SFL at GMU issued a response on Sept. 15 that slammed accusations against the chapter as “absurd.”

“On September 7, 2022, our group was publicly shamed as racist because we were conducting pro-life outreach and discussing past social rights injustices, along with abortion, a current social rights injustice,” the statement read. “Each injustice is different; each is wrong; each injustice needs to end.”

The petition claims that the pro-life group violated the Mason Code of Student Conduct “due to their neglect in their events and posters.”

The petition claims that student organizations are responsible for the actions of its members if said action is “done on behalf of the student organization,” citing the Code of Student Conduct. It also alleges the group engaged in bias-related activity, which is prohibited under the code.

“Following SFL’s neglect and refusal to accept responsibility this petition serves as a medium for the student body to broadcast the harm they have suffered following the actions of Students For Life at GMU which have broken the Mason Code of Student Conduct,” the petition concluded.

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A mere 47 people have signed the petition to date after being published Sept. 16.

Ken Meekins, President of SFL at GMU, told Campus Reform that the group would not be backing down in the face of opposition.

“Our response is to continue fighting the left wing mob on our campus despite whether or not this ends up going to the administration,” he said. “If this does we are willing to fight the legal battle.”

Campus Reform contacted GMU, BLACC, and BSA for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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