Activist prof asked Matt Walsh why he cares about transgender ideology. Read his answer about kids' education, 'basic truth.'

Matt Walsh debated two 'non-binary' consultants and the professor yesterday on the Dr. Phil show.

Walsh also asked the two 'non-binary' activists to define the term 'woman.'

Kent State Professor Suzy D’Enbeau debated transgender ideology’s logical cohesion with conservative commentator and bestselling children’s author Matt Walsh yesterday on the Dr. Phil show. 

D’Enbeau, a professor of communications, served on a panel with a non-binary LGBTQ+ consultant”, a “non-binary” transgender activist, and a parent raising her child “genderless.”

During the show, the activist professor questioned why Walsh seemed to “care so much” about the transgender issue. 

”I care about the truth,” Walsh responded. 

He continued: 

Walsh also challenged one of the “non-binary” female panelists Ethan Alexander by asking her to respond to the prompt, “What is a woman? Can you tell me what a woman is?”

”No, I can’t,” Alexander responded. “Because it’s not for me to say. Womanhood looks different for everybody.”

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Walsh was then challenged to define the term himself by the other non-binary panelist Addison Vincent. After doing so, Walsh turned the question back on him.

”You stood up here and said ‘trans women are women.’ Tell me what you mean,” Walsh said.

Vincent responded by saying being a woman is “an umbrella term.” 

”That describes what,” Walsh responded, to which Vincent answered, “People who identify as a woman.” 

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”Identify as what,” Walsh pressed. “As a woman,” Vincent responded, to which Walsh continued pressing by again asking “what is that?”

Vincent and Alexander run the organization Break the Binary.

Vincent then accused Walsh of wanting to reduce people “down to maybe just their genetics or genitals...” 

”What you want to do is appropriate women - you want to appropriate womanhood - and turn it into basically a costume that can be worn,” Walsh countered. 

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