ADF creates resource to help students defend free speech

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) launched a new resource Monday for college students facing free-speech battles on campus.

The website, home to ADF’s Center for Academic Freedom, is designed to be a one-stop shop for students with questions about their First Amendment freedoms, according to an ADF press release.

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The resource features information on some of ADF’s most high-profile cases, a state-by-state guide on free-speech protections at public universities, and a searchable list of more than 300 past ADF victories that students can use to review cases similar to those they might be experiencing themselves.

Additionally, ADF hopes that its new tool will offer lawmakers a glimpse into the free-speech crisis on campus, helping them to pass additional protections in their states.

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“Today’s college students are tomorrow’s judges, legislators, teachers, and voters,” ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox remarked in the press release. “Yet public universities are not only failing to educate the next generation about their First Amendment freedoms, they are actively violating those rights and teaching the next generation that freedom of speech is too dangerous to permit.

“This new resource will empower students and faculty to know their rights, exercise them, and find free legal information to defend them,” he added.

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