'ALL THESE IDIOTS GET ADMITTED': Alan Dershowitz on student protesters: WATCH

'All these idiots get admitted just because of their ethnicity or their race, or their gender. And then they become gender warriors,' Dershowitz told Campus Reform.

Campus Reform Higher Education Fellow Nick Giordano engages in a candid conversation with Professor Alan Dershowitz as they delve into the turmoil unfolding across college campuses nationwide, especially within the esteemed ‘Ivy League’ institutions. Rather than nurturing the next generation of leaders, these campuses have regrettably evolved into hubs of radical indoctrination that perpetuate anti-Americanism and antisemitism. Professor Dershowitz, acclaimed author of War Against the Jews, articulates the urgent need for accountability among college administrators and faculty members, who have enabled this chaos by their inaction, and in some cases encouragement. 

Students, especially Jews, have been subjected to harassment, threats, and even physical assault, and bear the brunt of the radcial extremist movement that has swept college campuses.

Professor Dershowitz advocates for decisive action. He explains how the withholding of funding under Title 6 and urging the donor community to withhold contributions until substantive reforms are enacted can potentially lead to much needed reforms. He emphasizes the need for these institutions to return to an environment conducive to robust intellectual discourse and critical thinking in a quest to reclaim higher education’s fundamental purpose.