'American' students burn Old Glory to protest Trump

Students gathered on the campus of American University Wednesday to protest Donald Trump's election, and several resorted to burning American flags to indicate their displeasure.

At one point in the video footage of the demonstration, a student appears to steal one of the American flags, prompting a brief scrum followed by high-pitched shrieking from one of the protesters.

An exclusive video obtained by Campus Reform shows students at American University burning the American flag to protest Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election.

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More than 100 students participated in the protest Wednesday, several of whom prominently torched American flags in front of the crowd while others chanted anti-Trump slogans.

Campus Reform’s video shows a female student burning a handheld flag, while a second video on twitter shows a male student burning one, as well.

“Flag burning at American University. Wow,” the Twitter user wrote.

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Anna F. shared a third video of the incident on Twitter, writing “Students at @AmericanU burning the American flag. I am LIVID.”

During the flag-burning, onlookers also participated in chants, including “Fuck Trump” and “Shut it Down.”

According to another video, a fight broke out after one student accused another of stealing their “personal property,” which appears to be one of the flags, triggering a brief scrum and several piercing shrieks.

The protest does not appear to be organized by any student group or university department.

"About 200 students convened this afternoon in a protest to express their reactions to the presidential election outcome.  The university supported the free expression of views on all sides of the political spectrum," a spokesperson for AU told Campus Reform. "The expressions were at times heated, but peaceful and safe. The university does not condone the burning of the American flag even though the act is protected speech."

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