ANALYSIS: Planned Parenthood's HS controversy echoes its college campus activism

The proposal for the Whittier, California, school district fell through after receiving backlash from parents.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action is an activism branch of PP that prioritizes inclusivity, abortion stigma, trans inclusion, elections, and movement/power building.

Last month, California’s Norwalk-La Mirada school board planned to vote on a proposal to bring a Planned Parenthood (PP) facility to John Glenn High School. However, the plan seemingly fell through after receiving backlash from parents.

The proposal for the Whittier, California, school district did not indicate whether the on-campus Planned Parenthood facility would offer abortion or gender-affirming hormone therapy services.

However, it would have the ability to recommend high school students to other Planned Parenthood centers for “additional medical or other health care services.” 

“The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District Board of Education will postpone discussion of Board Agenda Item #12a regarding the Planned Parenthood clinic at John Glenn High School. As a result, action will not be taken this evening during the regularly scheduled Board Meeting,” a statement by the school district reads. 

The Norwalk-La Mirada school board told Campus Reform that the district “pulled this agenda item from the Board of Education meeting on July 18 with no date for reconsideration.”

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This incident is a stark reminder that Planned Parenthood’s agenda is extending beyond the bounds of college campuses. 

Planned Parenthood Generation Action (PPGA) is an activism branch of PP that prioritizes “inclusivity, abortion stigma, trans inclusion, elections, and movement/power building.”

PPGA holds events for students on campus and equips them to advocate for “reproductive rights” including abortion.

The organization boasts over 350 campus groups as of 2022. 

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On April 21, PPGA announced a new campaign with Advocates for Youth called “Abortion on Campus.”

The campaign uses “informational posters” to create awareness surrounding abortion access and provide students with information to help them access abortion in their state. 

“This student-led educational campaign is a powerful way to organize and fight back against barriers to abortion access, while helping ensure their peers can access critical health care services,” according to the announcement. 

Campus Reform previously analyzed 40 colleges that issued statements after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June, with 62% against the Dobbs decision. 

Campus Reform emailed the Norwalk-La Mirada school board, Advocates for Youth, and called John Glenn High School and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. This article will be updated accordingly.

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