Anti-gun student group creates ‘Student Body Armor’ ad

"Cocks not Glocks," the unofficial UT-Austin student group that protested campus carry with large black dildos, is now facetiously advertising "Student Body Armor" in school colors.

The University of Texas at Austin group that protested campus carry with large black dildos has embarked on a satirical ad campaign encouraging students to wear body armor as protection against people with concealed carry permits.

“Cocks Not Glocks,” in partnership with the New York ad agency FCB NY, released a video commercial for “Student Body Armor,” a faux company that creates body armor with colors and logos of universities that allow concealed carry on their campuses.

“Are you looking at colleges in one of these nine states?” the voiceover asks. “Well, lucky you! Because all of them have campus carry laws where virtually anyone with a license can bring a gun onto school grounds.”

Campus carry allows those who already have a concealed carry license—which in Texas requires a person to complete firearms training and safety courses, be at least 21 years old, and be free of mental illness—to carry their firearms in most areas of campus, with a few narrow exceptions like dormitories and sporting events.

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“Tell [your representatives] that campus carry is almost as ridiculous as student body armor,” the video ad concludes.

A website for “Student Body Armor” alleges that campus carry makes students less safe on campus, arguing that “there's been an incident involving a firearm at a school every week on average for the last four years” but failing to indicate how many of those incidents involved legal, permitted gun owners.

“Studies (and common sense) show that you are drastically more likely to be shot when you are near a gun,” the site says. “And, there is no evidence that campus carry laws improve campus safety in any statistically significant way. In fact, violent crimes may actually increase.”

The campus carry law that inspired the UT Cocks Not Glocks protest, however, has largely been a “non-issue” since taking effect on August 1, 2016, according to campus police at West Texas A&M.

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As of December, the only firearm-related incident to occur was when a student accidentally fired his gun while cleaning it at Tarleton State University, causing zero injuries.

“We had no incidents at all, no calls, no issues or problems with it,” Sergeant Jack Hildebrand of WTAMU police declared. “When we held sporting events we put out signs and apparently people followed the laws, it’s been very quiet.”

Nonetheless, Cocks Not Glocks and Student Body Armor are telling students to avoid attending schools that have campus carry and to call their legislators to tell them to repeal or vote no on similar laws.

“Spread the word. Share this site,” they plead. “Or, even better, call your representative and tell them that schools are no place for body armor, or guns.”

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