Anti-Israel group protests Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief at UT Arlington: 'Marschall, Marschall, don't you hide!': WATCH

One protester said that the "real anti-Semite" is Marschall, who is Jewish.

Pro-Palestine protesters gathered outside of Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Zachary Marschall’s speech on Thursday night at the University of Texas at Arlington.

The UT Arlington Turing Point USA chapter hosted Marschall on Thursday to discuss the rise in anti-Semitism on campuses across America.

Several groups including the UTA Progressive Student Union, Dallas Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, La Frontera Nos Cruzo, and the Dallas Anti-War Committee held a protest outside of the building where the event took place.

”Zachary Marshall has made a career piggybacking off of whatever culture war the Republican party is focusing on at any given moment,” one protester shouted. “Most recently, he set his sights on Palestine. He appears on news channels, talking about the rise of anti-Semitism on college campuses. But when you play clips of Palestinian protests over your talking points, we know what kind of anti-Semitism we’re really dealing with.”

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The protester said that the “real anti-Semite” is Marschall, who is Jewish.

”Marschall, Marschall, don’t you hide! You’re supporting genocide,” the individual shouted.

”No platform for Zionists!” an Instagram post promoting the protest read. “Zachary Marschall off our campus!”

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”UTA’s chapter of TPUSA will be hosting him on April 11 for a lecture on ‘antisemitism.’ It’s clear to see they seek to platform anti-Palestinian rhetoric on campus under the guise of speaking on antisemitism,” the Instagram post states.

”Marschall’s Zionist apologia isn’t just our speculation, either. He made appearances on news shows speaking out about the ‘rising threat of antisemitism’ on campuses as videos play of what is clearly rallies in support of Palestinian liberation,” the groups added.