Anti-Trump 'Resistance School' expands to Berkeley

Students at the University of California, Berkeley can now join their peers at Harvard University for the second semester of “Resistance School” aimed at fighting the Trump agenda.

Due to the high popularity of the student-run program, with more than “175,000 participants tuning in last semester,” Resistance School announced that Berkeley would be its “second campus” in a September press release.

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“The new west coast campus represents a growing effort on behalf of Resistance School to provide practical skills to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Reimagine an America built on progressive values,” the release explains.

Conor Hand, co-founder of Resistance School, claimed that “this is the time for for all communities to echo our founding fathers” by reimagining “our future,” organizing “to reclaim it,” and rebuilding “it around progressive values.”

“Last semester affirmed a national appetite for skills-based training for sustained political organizing,” Co-Founder Kori Anderson added. “Resistance School’s expansion at Berkeley is evidence of the need to further provide these skills.”

According to Resistance School’s website, the new semester will emphasize four primary topics, beginning with lessons on “Public Narrative,” followed by “Relationship Building” and the “Theory of Change,” concluding with sessions on “Strategic Planning.”

Notably, as Campus Reform reported in June, the first semester of Resistance School had a particular anti-Trump tilt, with the first lecturer, Professor Tim McCarthy, calling Trump “sexist and shameless” as well as “racist and reckless.”

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"We’re not just living in a moment of despair and of fear and of loathing and anger and alienation and prejudice and all of that," he added. "We’re living in a moment where we're alive. We're all woke. More than we were a little while ago."

While neither Harvard nor Berkeley is officially affiliated with Resistance School, faculty members, such as McCarthy, are invited to either participate or deliver a lecture.

UPDATE: Jennifer Rivera, a Resistance School representative, responded to Campus Reform following the publication of this article.

“This transcends Anti-Trump movements we are seeing across our Country now,” she said, adding the initiative “is about giving people the skills necessary to reclaim, reimagine, and rebuild America no matter what their cause may be.”

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