Antifa group harasses prof over free speech event

Debate over the First Amendment is heating up at Lane Community College (LCC), and a local Antifa group has even resorted to harassing a professor who they’ve deemed “alt-right.”

On Saturday, Eugene Antifa posted a tweet targeting LCC Professor Jeffrey Borrowdale, stating, “Young Americans for Liberty sponsor, Milo admirer, Alt-Right & all around crappy ‘instructor’ @ Lane Community College in #Eugene #Oregon preparing to debate free & hate speech this morning. Let him know it’s time for him to go!”

“4th floor, Center bldg LCC campus TODAY until 2:30,” the tweet concluded, while a follow up tweet elaborates that “Jeffrey Borrowdale, pictured to the left of Milo, spreads his crap via twitter here: @/DrBorrowdale.”

LCC Speak Out,” the event referenced by Eugene Antifa, was marketed as a “deliberative dialogue discussion exploring free speech” in a promotional flyer.

“Exploring free speech versus hate speech and how we can tackle some of the difficulties in addressing these issues,” the flier stated, urging students to challenge themselves to “explore contemporary topics from both sides!”

Eugene Antifa also posted a similar status targeting Professor Borrowdale on Facebook, but according to Borrowdale, the harassment by Eugene Antifa has occurred for quite some time.

“They've been trying to incite students against me since last Fall when someone found the picture I took with Milo on Facebook,” he told Campus Reform. “So far they've just been posting intimidating messages on Twitter. Someone's also been taking down the fliers for Young Americans for Liberty, a student club I advise for.”

Additionally, Eugene Antifa has reportedly doxxed Borrowdale, publishing his personal information online.

“In the Winter, the Eugene Antifa Twitter account started with the threats,” Borrowdale divulged. “They said I ran a right-wing front group and urged their members to infiltrate and disrupt our meetings, giving the day and time and my office number and phone.”

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Several LCC students commented on the latest Facebook post from the Antifa group, disparaging Borrowdale

“I made the mistake of taking an online course of his and have reported him for being a steaming pile of garbage over transphobic content,” LCC student Madison Maxwell wrote, posting a question purportedly taken from one of Borrowdale’s midterm exams.

“’Did you hear that the leader of this new transgender bathroom ordinance here in Charlotte is a registered sex offender? I’m voting NO and so should you.’ This is an example of:” the question reads, with the correct answer listed as, “a. A strong argument that the ordinance will lead to a rise in sexual molestations and assaults.”

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“It doesn’t look good if all people see are the baseless smears Antifa is leveling at me,” Professor Borrowdale stated, noting that his department has already seen budget cuts. “All this stuff isn’t going to help me persuade the administration to bring back a full late of philosophy and religion classes voluntarily.”

Other students, however, staunchly defended Professor Borrowdale, telling Campus Reform that his views are neither extreme nor “alt-right.”

Travis Stewart, a student senator for the Associated Students of Lane Community College, declared that Borrowdale is “a great instructor,” saying, “I loved the course, and I really don’t know why he is being targeted by Antifa.”

Stewart even went so far as to describe Borrowdale as a “STAUNCH anti-fascist,” speculating that the Antifa group has no idea what it is talking about.

“These Antifa people don’t even know what they want. They’ll probably target me now, just because I’m a student who liked his class,” Stewart remarked. “Do they think he is alt-right just because he went to a Milo event?”

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Erica Smith, a local school teacher, also weighed in, pointing out that “Borrowdale is the faculty advisor for a group named Young Americans for Liberty,” which “seeks the freedom of all individuals.”

“I hope that the people mistakenly targeting Borrowdale will have the compassion to see the hours upon hours he's spent each term tutoring individual students of any gender, race, ethnicity, or nationality who approach him for help,” Smith said.

Campus Reform reached out to Eugene Antifa, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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