Antifa group torches ICE fliers at UT-San Antonio

A group of University of Texas at San Antonio students recently rounded up and torched promotional materials put out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The group in question, Revolutionary Horizon (RH), describes itself as a “revolutionary group that primarily consists of students at the University of Texas at San Antonio,” adding that it is “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist.”

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On January 18, the group posted a video of an individual, clad in black clothes and sporting a ski mask, placing approximately a dozen ICE pamphlets into a grill at an unknown location. The individual then lights the pamphlets on fire, dousing them in lighter fluid.

“Too often we find ourselves having to confront and address the UTSA administration for actively contributing to an unsafe and uncomfortable campus environment,” the video’s caption reads.

“Yesterday, comrades found dozens of propaganda pamphlets from I.C.E. that had been placed on a university-supervised flyer and advertising board, located immediately outside the offices of several department heads,” the caption continues, claiming the fliers “contained rhetorical, objectively false statements.”

The group further claims there have been “dozens of documented instances of rape, sexual assault, abuse, and torture in I.C.E. detention centers.”

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“We would ask President Eighmy why he thinks that it is appropriate or acceptable for these flyers to be placed in advertising spaces monitored by the university, let alone on a majority non-white campus at all, but he'd probably just tell us to be patient and participate in the campus climate survey he hasn't gotten around to making yet,” the caption continues. “Instead, we took it upon ourselves to round up all of this disgusting propaganda and properly disposed of it. And by that we mean we set it on fire. #fighticewithfire.”

RH previously made headlines in December for demanding that the UTSA administration prohibit “law enforcement” and “military agencies” from attending careers fairs, classroom discussions, or public forums on campus.

Additionally, the group demanded the “immediate disarming of UTSA police officers of any and all lethal and military-grade equipment,” and “a complete and total disbanding of the UTSA Police Department,” in a six month period.

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Other groups made statements of support for RH’s actions, as well.

“Some comrades in San Antonio fighting ICE with fire! Let’s do the same here,” Autonomous Student Network (ASN) Austin wrote in a Facebook post, sharing RH’s video.

“As the extra legal white supremacist movement withers, let’s extend ‘no platform’ to the propaganda of the colonial state as well,” ASN Austin’s post concluded.

Previously, ASN Austin, an antifa student group at the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), made headlines as well for proposing that “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” be rebranded as “Law Enforcement Incineration Day” in a tweet.

A picture of a real-life police officer engulfed in flames accompanied the tweet’s caption

Campus Reform reached out to UTSA Associate Vice President for Communications & Marketing Joe Izbrand for comment on Revolutionary Horizon’s actions, but did not receive a response.

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