Antifa groups plot to shut down 'fascist' Charlie Kirk at UCF

Antifa groups are plotting to prevent TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk from speaking at the University of Central Florida, saying his presence would be “endangering student safety.”

“Come hear the founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, expose progressive lies and propaganda as a part of his Hard Truths Tour! Tickets are free, but you must register!” states the description for TPUSA UCF's April 10 event.

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TPUSA UCF’s President, Cristina Del Rosso, explained that the event’s primary purpose is education.

“We want to educate people on the importance of free markets and limited government,” Del Rosso told Campus Reform. “For this event specifically, Charlie will expose leftist lies and progressive propaganda.”

Some left-leaning groups, however, have charged that Kirk’s presence would be a danger to students, and have pledged to prevent the event from taking place.

“Why’re you endangering student safety? Rescind Charlie Kirk’s speech. Uphold your obligation to protect your students!” the Orlando Antifa group demanded in one tweet, tagging UCF’s Twitter account.

The group also labelled Kirk a “white supremacist” in a second tweet, stating, “In case you needed any further proof that the founder of @TPUSA is a white supremacist man-child, look no further. While most folks were out celebrating Valentine's Day, Diaper King was rage-Tweeting & dog-whistling about immigration. Defend @UCF from this douche bag. #FuckRacism

“If/when @UCF fails to protect its students, we will be there to defend each other from fascists & their sympathizers. No pasaran!” the group continued in another tweet, accompanied by a false quote attributed to a photo-edited Kirk and a link to a Facebook event opposing the Kirk speech.

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The Facebook event, “Oh Hell No: Oppose Charlie Kirk At UCF,” is hosted by Orlando Worker’s League, which describes itself as “a revolutionary socialist organization, fighting to build working-class power in Orlando and around the globe.”

“The reality is that every fascist movement must have a public face, a way to gain a foothold in the popular conscience,” the event’s description reads, charging TPUSA and Kirk with attracting violent neo-Nazis.

“Where TPUSA and Charlie Kirk go, violence follows. Charlie Kirk is simply the latest manifestation of the fascist current in the US,” the description continues, calling on “all lovers of liberty and equality to show their solidarity and counter-protest Charlie Kirk’s speech,” and “demand that Charlie Kirk’s speech be revoked.”

“His presence on our campus endangers the lives of UCF students,” the description proclaims, concluding that “If/when UCF fails to protect its student body, we will be there to ensure that there is no platform for fascists or their sympathizers.”

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“It is sad that some groups feel the need to forcibly suppress opposing ideas on college campuses when college is meant to be a marketplace of ideas,” TPUSA UCF President Del Rosso told Campus Reform.

“Turning Point USA defends the First Amendment rights of everyone, but we do not support the use of violence to shut down free speech,” she added. “Fascists forcibly shut down viewpoints with which they do not agree. It is surprising they call us fascists when we defend everyone's constitutional right to free speech.”

Campus Reform reached out to Orlando Antifa and Orlando Worker’s League, but did not receive a response from either.

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