Antifa pamphlet dubs conservative students ‘fascists’

Pamphlets showcased during an Antifa recruiting event at Texas State University not only labeled conservative students “fascists,” but equated them with known white supremacists.

“It has come to our attention that a group affiliated with the terrorist organization Antifa was passing out literature with false claims of Young Conservatives of Texas’ beliefs,” the group responded in a February 8 Facebook post, referencing materials that were distributed during an Athenian Youth recruitment event. 

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As Campus Reform previously reported, Athenian Youth has openly recruited on campus while displaying an Antifa flag and the flags of left-wing revolutionary groups, prompting backlash on social media.  

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) later discovered that one of the pamphlets, called “Disorientation – An Intro to Leftism On Campus,” equated the group with fascists and white supremacists. 

“Fascists? On My Campus?” one section of the pamphlet is titled, claiming that “identifying fascist activity is no longer a matter of finding people decorated with swastikas and making blatant racist remarks.” 

“Fascism has evolved in a manner that creates a façade of rationality behind their outrageous ideologies in order to infiltrate our daily lives,” it continues, listing conservative groups Turning Point USA and the Young Conservatives of Texas among “fascist” organizations, alongside explicitly white supremacist organizations such as American Vanguard, Identity Evropa, and The Daily Stormer.

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As a justification for including conservative groups on the list, the pamphlet describes TPUSA as the “organization behind [the] racist, pro-fascist ‘professor watchlist,’ and other general reactionary demonstrations,” while stating that the Young Conservatives of Texas hosted events “such as the infamous ‘Racist Bake Sale’ and ‘Illegal Immigrant Roundup.’”

YCT Chairwoman Nellie Perry, however, told Campus Reform that she found the pamphlet to be entirely disingenuous.

“We realized they had us listed in the same affiliation as Patriot Front, which we know to be a white supremacy group that goes against all our values,” Perry told Campus Reform, calling it “a blatant lie to associate our student organization with an organization like Patriot Front.”

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Antifa “has confused fascist with anything they consider racist,” she added, calling Antifa a “dangerous” movement whose members “have been arrested for physical assault” with “records showing different cases where they have justified violence.”

“I hope they are not like their allies at places like Berkeley, but I am also aware that many of my members are more hesitant to admit they are conservative now that this organization is on campus,” Perry concluded.

Campus Reform reached out to Athenian Youth for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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