Auburn Men's Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl: 'It blows my mind' that LGBTQ people support Hamas, who would have them 'killed': EXCLUSIVE

Exclusive: Auburn University Men's Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl criticized part of the LGBTQ for supporting Palestine and Hamas, telling Campus Reform they'd be "killed" if they were in Gaza.

Auburn University Men’s Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl members of the LGBTQ community who support Palestine and Hamas, telling Campus Reform they would be “killed” if they were in some parts of Gaza.

Pearl made the comments on Tuesday during an interview, where he described October 7, 2023 and April 13 as “enormous wake up calls for Jewish Americans that don’t think the Holocaust is possible again.”

During the interview, Pearl called out part of the LGBTQ community for supporting the Palestinian movement and Hamas.

”Young people want a cause. They want to correct apartheid, or oppression, or a lack of freedom, or humanitarian aid for lesser. And there’s this thing called intersectionalism, and blows my mind that somehow there’s a connection between the LGBTQ community and Palestinian suffering, or the Islamic cause or Hamas,” said Pearl. “If you are gay, and you are in certain parts of areas controlled by Hamas in Gaza, or the Palestinian Authority in certain communities, in Judea, Samaria, you’re going to be killed. That’s not allowed.

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”But yet somehow...those groups can come together and just it’s okay to just hate Jews. That’s our that’s our common denominator. 

Pearl went on to say that there are “many elected officials that are supporting Hamas.”

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”And they’re supporting Israel’s enemies that call for her death. Right here in this country. We’re seeing death to America chants, Death to Israel, Death to the Jews. It’s not how I want it,” he added.

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