AYFKM: Columbia president told Congress this prof was 'terminated.' Now it appears he's 'holding class' INSIDE Columbia's gates among pro-Hamas camp

Meanwhile, Shai Davidai, a pro-Israel Columbia professor, reported Monday that his key card wouldn't work to access campus.

Columbia University canceled in-person classes Monday in light of the days-long pro-Hamas occupation that has overtaken the school. But photographs posted to social media by a group supporting the occupation show “professors holding class on the lawn.”

Images show an individual identified by Columbia University Apartheid Divest as a “professor” speaking to students among tents that make up the anti-Israel encampment. 

Several individuals on Twitter pointed out that the “professor” at the encampment resembles Mohamed Abdou, who Columbia University President Minouche Shafik said was “terminated” during a Congressional hearing under oath on Wednesday.

”He has been terminated and not just terminated, but his files will show that he will never work at Columbia again,” said Shafik during the hearing, referring to Abdou.

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As Campus Reform previously reported, Abdou praised Hamas and the tactics it used during an interview in November 2023.

“The warriors, the resistance fighters that were in Hamas, numbered less than 1,500 and look how they flipped the table—not only on an entire settler colonial state with no definable borders, but rather on the whole world,” Abdou said, referring to the Oct. 7 attack in Israel.

“You don’t need mass movements to change the world,” he continued. “You need a dedicated thousand, 1,500, a few thousand, that really are organized and know what it is that they’re doing, what they’re fighting for.”

via Columbia University Apartheid Divest Instagram

via Columbia University Apartheid Divest Instagram

Abdou has also been seen on campus at the protest several times over the past week.

Abdou was seen on Monday teaching class in the same jacket he wore earlier in the week, pictures posted by Columbia University Apartheid Divest Instagram show.

While individuals like Abdou are allowed onto campus, Columbia University faculty have reported being unable to access campus or school buildings.

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Shai Davidai, a pro-Israel Columbia professor, reported Monday that his key card wouldn’t work. The National Review obtained an email from Columbia COO Cas Holloway telling Davidai that he isn’t permitted to enter the West Lawn.

Campus Reform has reached out to Columbia for comment.