Backlash against Johns Hopkins after university erases 'women' from definition of 'lesbian'

The office made no such change to the term 'gay man.'

Johns Hopkins University's Gender and Sexuality Resources office updated its definition of lesbian to 'a non-man attracted to non-men.'

Johns Hopkins University was slammed online this week for erasing women from the word “lesbian” in its LGBTQ glossary.

The university’s “Gender and Sexuality Resources” office contains a glossary of LGBTQ identities and terms. It includes a definition for the term “lesbian” that makes a point to exclude the word “woman.” It reads:

But the term “gay man” has no such gender-inclusive phrasing in its definition:

Johns Hopkins was slammed for the change across the political spectrum, especially by LGBT commentators, on Twitter.

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“Why is a lesbian a non-man but a gay person isn’t a non-woman? Progressive misogyny,” lesbian political commentator Arielle Scarcella wrote over a screenshot of the glossary.

“Lesbians are being erased and it’s f***ing tragic,” Jaimee Mitchell, founder of Gays Against Groomers, replied to Scarcella. “Gender ideology at its core is deeply homophobic. The two cannot coexist. It’s time for a divorce. #LGBWithoutTheT”

“Hi @JohnsHopkins,” lesbian journalist E.J. Rosetta tweeted. “Congrats! You’re winning ‘homophobic statement of the decade’ by defining lesbians as ‘non men attracted to non men.’ And during Pride month, too! Shame on you. Lesbians are female homosexuals. Put that on a post-it & memorise it. Aren’t you meant to be smart?”

“Erasure of women continues @JohnsHopkins,” the Parents of Loudoun County tweeted.

“So men get to keep their spaces and their terms but women don’t? This screams misogyny,” former University of Pennsylvania swimmer Paula Scanlan added.

“Lesbians are now officially squirrels,” Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro wrote.

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and an outspoken critic of the transgender movement, shared a screenshot with the definitions of both “lesbian” and “gay man.” “Man: no definition needed,” Rowling captioned the tweet. “Non-man (formerly known as woman): a being definable only by reference to the male. An absence, a vacuum where there’s no man-ness.”

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“Well, @JohnsHopkins gave us John Money so this is all congruent with the brand,” Concordia University professor Gad Saad chimed in, replying to Rowling.

“Inarguably, modern times are now the stupidest time and universities are leading the way,” Fred Sargeant, co-founder of the first Gay Pride parade, tweeted.

Campus Reform reached out to the Gender and Sexuality Resources office for comment. This story will be updated accordingly.