Berkeley Antifa stalks Republican students at dinner

Conservative students at the University of California, Berkeley have been actively stalked and targeted by a regional Antifa organization known for inciting violence.

While the Berkeley College Republicans met at a local restaurant Wednesday evening, Berkeley Antifa took to Twitter to post the exact location of the student group online.

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“BCR meeting right now inside Eureka at 2068 Center St after drinking with Kyle Chapman and Joey Gibson at Fashy's, I mean, Pappy's,” the Antifa organization tweeted. “Inside right now is Troy Worden, Ashton Whitty, Naweed Tahmas, Matt Ronnau, Angelie Castenada, and two others.”

While Antifa did not openly advocate for violence against the students, members of the Berkeley CRs have previously reported being stalked, followed, and targeted by the radical activists.

In late August, Ashton Whitty, one of the conservative students at the university, was stalked by several Antifa demonstrators who approached her at a gas station and pummeled her vehicle as she fled the scene.

“Antifa has taken pictures of me, they've followed me on the street, and have tracked my location using social media,” Whitty told Campus Reform. “It's rather odd why these people would see us as such a priority when we're just everyday people.”

Naweed Tahmas, the vice president of the Berkeley College Republicans, also condemned the actions of Antifa while noting that intimidation “will not stop us.”

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“Conservatives in Berkeley are routinely targeted, harassed, and stalked,” he told Campus Reform. “Knowing that they have sympathizers within both the city administration and university administration, leftist groups will continue to target conservatives as they know there are no consequences to their actions.

“It has become socially acceptable in Berkeley to physically beat someone for being a conservative,” Tahmas added. “In fact, it is even encouraged.”

On Tuesday, prominent Antifa leader Yvonne Felarca was arrested following the group's “Victory March” in the city. Berkeley Police later released a mugshot of the activist, noting that she was arrested for "battery and resisting arrest."

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