Berkeley is looking for an employee to run 'climate healing circles' with 'BIPOC' activists

A UC Berkeley office is hiring a “Wellness and Environmental Justice Coordinator."

Successful applicants must have a "intention of justice and liberation over status quo/reformation."

The University of California Berkeley is looking to hire a “Wellness and Environmental Justice Coordinator” that will run environmentally-focused student programs such as “meet-ups with Bay Area QT+ and BIPOC climate activists,” “climate healing circles,” “wellness collaboration days,” and more.

To be considered for the job, the applicant must have a “intention of justice and liberation over status quo/reformation,” in addition to a bachelor’s degree and “at least” two years of experience in “sustainability or environmental jobs.” The job is part-time and will pay $23.95-$25.34 per hour. The position is housed in the Student Environmental Resource Center, which is a department within the Dean of Students office.

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According to the center’s website it provides “environmental and social justice programming and resources to create a space that values the perspectives and narratives of marginalized and underrepresented students.” This particular position’s duties ar4e to be executed while “centering under-served and historically marginalized populations on campus.”

“We are looking for equity-minded applicants who represent the full diversity of California and who demonstrate a sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds present in our community,” the job description states.

The coordinator will also be tasked with reinforcing student advocacy and “fostering wellness and collectivism” and developing “and/or adapt curriculum surrounding wellness and healing in the environmental movement.”

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Despite being a part-time job, the coordinator, according to the job description, will be in charge of “Wellness and Environmental Justice Education and Programming,” “Strategic Program Analysis and Assessment,” “Student Group and Civic Engagement Advising Services,” “Community Engagement and Partnership Creation,” “Student Supervision,” and “Budget Management and Administration.”

Dan Mogulof, the assistant vice chancellor for executive communications at the University of California Berkeley told Campus Reform that “The position is in the process of being filled,” and said that the position is a temporary, three year contract.