Biden admin wants to reward illegal immigrants with college prep programs: WATCH

Campus Reform Student Spokesperson Emily Sturge joined Real America’s Voice to discuss the Biden Administration’s plan to extend federal college-prep programs to illegal immigrants.

During an interview Tuesday with Real America’s Voice, Campus Reform Student Spokesperson Emily Sturge said the Biden administration is actively discriminating against law-abiding students by taking college-prep programs away from them and giving them to illegal immigrants.

“American students need to be put first,” Sturge said.  “They are rewarding criminal activity while punishing law-abiding students.”

“The Biden administration needs to focus its efforts on securing the southern border and helping Americans in this disastrous economy, instead of incentivizing illegal immigration and rewarding criminals who have no regard for our law,” Sturge added. 

She continued by pointing to staggering inflation, record unemployment, and high gas and food prices that Americans have faced under the Biden administration.  While millions of Americans struggle to access and afford a college education, the Biden administration seeks to help illegal immigrants

“By diverting resources towards illegal immigrants, the Biden administration is neglecting the needs of American students who should be the focus of investment in education and workforce development,” Sturge said.

Campus Reform reports indicate academic ability is falling as universities lower their education standards. Sturge explained that this trend produces college graduates who are unprepared to participate in society and the workforce. 

“Our education system should be prioritizing American students to ensure that they can compete in today’s job market and contribute to society,” she said. 

Watch the full interview here.