Biden tells college students the left's political agenda is comparable to Vietnam War

President Biden used the term 'inflection point' to link the current political landscape to historical events.

In 2014, he told a crowd of Harvard students that there is 'nothing special about being an American.'

In a video address to the class of 2021, President Biden likened the political effort to achieve woke policies to the Vietnam War. 

President Biden stated in the short, pre-recorded address that college students are graduating at an “inflection point” in American history defined by climate change and “systemic racism.”

Biden also called the events of his adolescence — the assassination Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, the Vietnam War, and the civil rights movement — an “inflection point.” 

He said the same of college students graduating in the present era: “And now, you face another inflection point. As we put this pandemic behind us, rebuild our economy, root out systemic racism, and tackle climate change, we’re addressing the great crises of our time with a greater sense of purpose than ever before.”

The comments represent a marked shift in rhetoric from the president. 

Seven years ago, then-Vice President Biden told a crowd of Harvard University students that there is “nothing special about being an American.”

The full quote from the 2014 speech read “there’s nothing special about being American -- none of you can define for me what an American is.”

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In contrast, the 2021 speech made reference to “our nation.” 

“It’s going to be up to you to translate that unprecedented change into a greater measure of happiness and prosperity for not only you and our nation, but for the world around you,” concluded the President. “And I know you will.”

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