Bill Cosby resigns from Temple Univ.'s board

Bill Cosby resigned from Temple University's Board of Trustees Monday.

The comedian has also been removed from prestigious leadership positions at High Point University and the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Cosby, who faces multiple sexual assault allegations, is an alumnus of the Philadelphia school, and has served on the board for more than 30 years.

Comedian Bill Cosby resigned from Temple University’s Board of Trustees on Monday, claiming his resignation was “in the best interest of the university and students.”

Cosby, a Temple alumnus, served on the board for 32 years.

Cosby’s resignation came after almost 20 women accused him of sexual assault, and over 1,000 people signed a petition in support of Temple cutting him from the board. The petition was started by Kerry Potter McCormick, a Temple graduate, on

“I have always been proud of my association with Temple University,” Cosby said in a university statement. “I have always wanted to do what would be in the best interests of the university and its students. As a result, I have tendered my resignation from the Temple University Board of Trustees."

Afterwards, the board thanked Cosby for his service.

Last month, High Point University dismissed Cosby, 77, from their National Board of Advisors, and last week University of Massachusetts-Amherst asked Cosby to step down as honorary co-chairman of one of their campaigns.

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