'Black Menaces' student group expands nationwide

The group started to 'create awareness' through social media platforms about how 'Predominantly White Institutions' do not 'create safe spaces for marginalized students.'

The Black Menaces now have groups at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tulane University, and Duke University.

The Black Menaces, a radical campus group at Brigham Young University (BYU), is expanding nationwide.

The Black Menaces started at the Provo, Utah campus to “create awareness” through social media platforms about how “PWIs (Predominantly White Institutions) do not create safe spaces for marginalized students.”

We highlight overt and covert racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism and more through questions,” the organization’s website states. “We share the stories and experiences of any and all marginalized students.”

The group additionally seeks to create “changes at universities across the nation to ensure the mental, emotional, and physical safety of ALL students” by targeting curricula, university systems, and university management.

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The group is known for its viral videos on TikTok. The account has amassed over 29 million likes and 728 thousand followers. In the videos, chapter members interview students on campus on a variety of topics, some of which have included Critical Race Theoryfeminism, and gay marriage.

One video asked students how many black friends they had.

While some students appear uncomfortable on camera, Black Menaces Public Relations Director Nathanael Byrd says that  is part of the goal

“We enjoy making people uncomfortable and giving them things to think about that they probably never thought about before,” Byrd told NBC News.

The organization also has a following on Twitter, and operates its own podcast.

The Black Menaces now have groups at the University of North Carolina at Chapel HillTulane University, and Duke University.

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UNC Media Relations confirmed to Campus Reform the chapter is not “a registered student organization,” and stated that the university is “committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive, and [UNC] welcome[s] all viewpoints and perspectives.”

Regardless, the UNC chapter told Campus Reform they are “happy to be a part of” the organization.

“[Black Menaces UNC Chapel Hill] think it’s an important step in improving the social cognizance of Americans!,” the group stated.

The Black Menaces plan to participate in an Oct. 11 national walkout to “strike out homophobia” at religious colleges and universities.

Campus Reform contacted each university and chapter mentioned, as well as Nate Byrd, for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.