Black Student Association tweets ‘blue lives don’t matter’

A student organization out of Texas Tech University tweeted that neither “white lives” nor “blue lives” matter just one day before five cops were murdered in cold blood in Dallas.

Although the original tweet has since been deleted, KYFO News reports that a Black Student Association at TTU tweeted the following:

“All lives don’t matter…

White lives don’t matter…

Blue Lives don’t matter…

#Black LIves Matter"

The comment was then removed after the ambush on five police officers occurred in Dallas, but screenshots of the original tweet have been obtained by Campus Reform.

Notably, the Black Student Association’s twitter account was shut down Wednesday after outraged alumni and students took to social media to express their concerns.

The school eventually released a statement on the matter Wednesday afternoon, saying the tweet is “not representative of the university.”

“As an institution of higher learning, Texas Tech University is dedicated to an inclusive environment for all and supports our students’ rights to freedom of expression,” TTU’s office of communication told Campus Reform. “A recent tweet sent from a student organization account is not representative of the university or the student organization.”

The school also noted that the student organization itself is conducting an investigation into the matter, since the tweet was sent by an unidentified member without the approval of the group's leadership. 

"A tweet was recently posted that is not indicative of how the Texas Tech Black Student Association feels or what we represent as an organization," the group tweeted Wednesday evening from its new account. "We believe that all of us matter." 

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