BREAKING NEWS: Student group labeled as Nazis during 9/11 tabling event

In a video recently obtained by Campus Reform, Leadership Institute North California Regional Field Coordinator Daniel Pinales was antagonized by an unknown woman.

“We’re trying to remind people about the events that occurred on 9/11, Sept. 9, 2001,” one of the individuals in the video states.

In a video recently obtained by Campus Reform, Leadership Institute North California Regional Field Coordinator Daniel Pinales was antagonized by an unknown woman on Wednesday while tabling with the Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter at Sacramento City College (SCC).

The unknown woman used a sign to label the TPUSA chapter as “nazis” at their tabling event, which was being used to inform passing students about 9/11.  

Pinales is seen in the video holding a TPUSA sign with the phrase “Never Forget,” displaying an image of the two World Trade Center towers along the New York City skyline. 

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“So we’re out here tabling, we’re trying to remind people about the events that occurred on 9/11, Sept. 9, 2001,” Pinales says in the video. 

Then the  unidentified woman sits next to Pinales with a handmade sign that reads, “These f**kers are NAZ[I]S.” The sign also had an arrow that pointed to Pinales and his sign. 

“She’s showing a sign calling us Nazis, which is incredible because there’s a whole argument out there that white people are racist, that systemic racism exists in America,” Pinales continues in the video. “Apparently, the sign says that I’m a racist too because I’m sitting right here... I don’t think I’m racist for trying to get people to not forget 9/11.”

Pinales told Campus Reform that the woman accused the chapter of using 9/11 to “sugarcoat” their conservative views, “And I think that’s abhorrent because we’re not… making any political statements, especially not with [the 9/11] sign.”

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Pinales also said he spoke with a Jewish student who stopped by the table after seeing the woman’s sign. She told Pinales that “as a Jewish student this really offends me,” referring to the woman calling the group Nazis. 

The SCC TPUSA chapter is currently in the process of becoming officially recognized by the college. 

This is a breaking story and will be updated accordingly. 

Campus Reform contacted SCC, Pinales, and SCC TPUSA for comment.

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