Brown University employees donate to Dems over Republicans by 262:7 ratio

Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans at Brown University.

An exclusive Campus Reform analysis found that employees at the Ivy League institution donated to Democrats over Republicans by a 262:7 ratio.

An analysis by Campus Reform has revealed that of Brown University employees who made political donations throughout the 2019-2020 election cycle, contributions to Democrats vastly outnumbered those to Republicans by a ratio of 262:7.

Campus Reform obtained this information through an open records request.

Of the 262 Brown University employees who made political donations to Democratic candidates or causes, 33 are administrators, 95 are staff members, and 134 are faculty members. However, of the seven Brown University employees who donated to Republican candidates or causes,  five of them are staff members and just two of them are faculty members.

The lack of political diversity at Brown University shouldn’t come as a surprise, since a previous Campus Reform found that employee’s at Brown University donated $215,220 to Democratic candidates or causes during the 2020 election cycle, while just $2,095 went to Republican candidates or causes.

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At other Ivy League schools, the lack of political diversity is just as apparent. 

At the University of Pennsylvania, according to a Campus Reform analysis, 97.6% of employee’s political donations went to Democrats, and just 2.4% of campaign contributions were to Republican candidates and causes.

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The issue doesn’t stop within organizations aiming to help high schoolers get into college, either.

At the College Board, nearly 99% of political donations went to Democrats and just $544 went to President Donald Trump.

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