BU epidemiologist says 'idea that schools need to stay open' is 'mystifying'

A Boston University professor of epidemiology criticized calls to keep schools open during COVID-19 on Twitter.

'Campus Reform' spoke with the professor, who also stated her support for 'mandatory indoor mask wearing.'

An epidemiologist and Boston University professor took to Twitter on Saturday to question the assumption that schools need to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“[W]e shouldnt [sic] be acting like no schools is a completely unprecedented unknowable scenario. It was normal life for most of human history,” Dr. Eleanor Murray tweeted. 

Murray’s first post in the thread asks, “Maybe ur all grandparents had highschool [sic], but what about ur great-grandparents?”

“Yes, education is important. But it’s a pandemic!”

Murray told Campus Reform that she was attempting to provide historical context for schooling in her tweets. 

“My tweet was intended to remind people that for most of human history full day schooling was basically unheard of, and so it’s unreasonable to act as if we don’t know what missing school will do to children’s development,” she said. 

Murray also expressed her support for “mandatory indoor mask wearing” as well as vaccines for educators. 

“Children will also benefit from our taking actions to curb community spread, like closing bars and restaurants, for the next couple of months until a vaccine is available to the under-12 crowd,” Murray added. 

Campus Reform reached out to Boston University for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.