BYU organization wants to keep 'gender affirming care' for minors

A Brigham Young University organization intends to protest a meeting which could ban gender surgery on minors.

The organization tweeted about the meeting to encourage people to show up.

An LGBTQ+ organization intends to protest a state Health and Human Services Interim Committee (HHSIC) meeting Nov. 16.

The OUT Foundation, which “empower[s] the LGBTQ+ students and alumni of Brigham Young University in achieving their intellectual, social, and professional potential,” tweeted about the protest and urged people to “make a plan to show up.”

The tweet includes a screenshot of an alleged agenda for the meeting which shows one point of discussion will be “Treatment of Gender Dysphoria in Minors.”

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The agenda was published by self-described activist Erin Reed, who alleged “Utah will likely be pushing a ban on gender affirming care for trans youth.”

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Ryan Woods, also known as Lady MAGA USA, told Campus Reform that “the OUT Foundation isn’t about consenting gay adults, it’s about ‘trans youth.’” 

“It makes money for the billion dollar ‘puberty blockers’ and ‘trans affirmative care’ industry,” he said. “They’ve completely abandoned adult gays like me.”

Campus Reform contacted every individual mentioned in this article and will update accordingly.