CA College Republicans declare 'May the Force Be with You' day in response to 'Cops off Campus' effort

A petition started by a coalition committed to abolishing the police on campus called for a nationwide strike on May 3.

In response, California College Republicans declared May 4 a day to honor police.

Congressman Mike Garcia and Richard Grenell both support the move by the CA College Republicans.

After an anti-police group declared May 3 a “Day of Refusal to Demand Cops Off Campus,” California College Republicans are designating May 4 a “Pro-Police ‘May the Force Be with You’ Day” to honor all police officers.

Campus Reform reported on the national Cops off Campus Coalition’s petition declaring May 3 a “Day of Refusal to Demand Cops Off Campus.” Signatories, including professors, organizations and students, pledge to “absent myself from work, class, teaching, and more.” This includes refusing to respond to emails, record lectures and attend class.

The coalition’s demands are as follows:

1. We want ALL cops off of ALL campuses. 

2. We demand the Land back

3. We demand investments in community safety and education

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President of Loyola Marymount College Republicans Will Donahue told Campus Reform that “we must do everything in our power to stop” the coalition’s movement.

“Our brave men and women in blue risk their lives every day to keep these ungrateful sheep safe. Their behavior mirrors the degeneracy that has permeated our culture and we must do everything in our power to stop it. I back the blue 100%,” Donahue said.

After learning about the anti-police strike, the California College Republicans decided to declare the day after the strike “May 4th Pro-Police ‘May the Force Be with You’ Day” honoring community and campus police.

“We reaffirm our support for the police as necessary to provide safety and security in a civil society,” apress release states.

In just three days, 40 individuals and groups signed onto the movement. Listed signatories and sponsors include nationwide College Republicans campus chapters, county Republican chapters, Congressman Mike Garcia (R-CA), radio host Carl DeMaio and former Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell.

In the release, communications director Dylan Martin points out that the absence of police on campus will spur an increase in crime as well as eliminate campus programs that help students feel safer.

“Eliminating campus police will inevitably lead to increases in crime, just as abolishing the police hurt Minneapolis — with violent crime increasing 20 percent. The effort will disproportionately harm women by ending programs such as ‘Safe Walk,’ which helps students and particularly female students get to locations safely at night via police or security escort,” Martin states.

In countering the demands of the Cops Off Campus coalition, CA College Republicans call for those participating in the strike “be terminated for promoting unsafe communities and civil unrest.”

Martin told Campus Reform that the organization wants to “fight the Left’s extremism and negativity with positive activism” as May 4 will be spent posting “pro-police day graphics” on social media and “call[ing] for donations to charities for fallen officers’ families.”

“Our hope is the positive message drowns out the leftist rhetoric. We also hope that sponsoring donations to fallen officers’ charities will be a small way to give back, besides thanking our brave heroes,” Martin said.

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As a statement of support for law enforcement, the group affirms that they “proudly back the blue” as “most officers are underappreciated but dedicated public servants.”

“We will fight the divisive scare tactics of ‘Day of Refusal’ with positivity; May 4th shall stand as a day to honor the police,” the press release states.

“They are heroes,” it concludes.

“Our police are being demonized, abused, and neglected by Democrats and the media, and it’s imperative that we show them some support,” Martin told Campus Reform.

“While there are some bad cops, there are bad people in every profession. Most of our officers are dedicated public servants. They are heroes, and we’re trying to let them know that we stand with them. We need them to keep us safe. We want them to know that the silent majority can speak up and say we DO appreciate their service,” Martin concluded.

President of College Republicans at University of California, Irvine Anthony Mansfield told Campus Reform that his organization signed onto the press release because members “unanimously” agreed that “law enforcement is an essential component of living in a civilized and orderly society.”

“Finally, we challenge anyone that isn’t happy with law enforcement to fill out a job application and be the change they wish to see in their community,” Mansfield concluded.

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