Cabot Phillips on American exceptionalism: 'You don't see people flooding the shores of Norway'

Most of the the students said that they did not think America is the greatest in the world.

In the video, Phillips asked students if they think America is the greatest country in the world.

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips joined "The Story" on Fox News Sunday night to discuss his latest video.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips joined Fox News’ “The Story” Friday night to discuss, among other things, his latest video in which students at George Washington University say that America is not the greatest country on earth. 

The students cited Trump’s policies as among the reasons they did not consider the U.S. of A the greatest in the world. Phillips also pointed out how slamming America has become all-too-common in academia, as documented in numerous Campus Reform stories. 

”They haven’t been taught American exceptionalism in class and when you’re ignorant to the history, when you’re ignorant to what we’ve done for good around the world, and continue to do, of course, you’re going to think that,” Phillips said. 

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”I’ve seen firsthand how anti-American sentiment has taken root and you’re almost considered high-brow if you come out against America,” he added. 

Finally, Phillips pointed out the irony in students pointing to Trump’s policies they disagree with, one being how the administration is handling the influx of migrants at the southern border, and how that very influx proves in and of itself that America is like no other. 

”The fact that so many people are risking their lives to come to America at whatever cost shows how special we are,” Phillips said. “You don’t see people flooding the shores of Norway and Sweden and Canada. They come to America because they know that America is the true home of opportunity and freedom.”

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